Inter-Professional Team

Health for All is committed to providing comprehensive care with its Inter-Professional Health Care Practitioners and Administrative staff.

Aside from our physicians, our health care team includes registered nurses, a nurse practitioner, dietitians, a physician assistant, a pharmacist, social workers and a case manager.

Executive Director – Andrea 
Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper/Human Resources Admin- Natalie D. 
Billing –  Kathy 
Program Administrator – Zhanying 
Administrative Team Leader – Cathy 
Medical Receptionists – Anastasia, Indrowtie, Norma, Sona, Portia, Stefanie, Catherine, Chanel, Timea and Alessia
Consulting Psychiatrist – Dr. Neely Bakshi
Family Health Team
Family Health Team Clinical Administrative Assistant- Ashely 
Family Practice Nurses – Jan and Josie 
Nurse Practitioner – Jadie 
Physician Assistant – Amninder 
Social Worker – Stefanie 
Pharmacist –  Margaret 
Dietitian – Alison  
Case Manager/Nurse Navigator – Kathleen 
Community Care Team
Case Manager – Kathleen 
Dietitian – Gigi
Health Promoter – Natalie J.  
Nurse Practitioner – Jacqueline 
Social Worker – Phong 
Pharmacist – Margaret