Prenatal Program

Our prenatal program will help you with your prenatal and postpartum journey.

Our inter-professional health care team, along with two of our physicians (Dr. Tan & Dr. West) who specialize in obstetrics and delivery, will provide you with the education, support and care you need. Once you have delivered your newborn we would be happy to care for your child at regularly scheduled ‘well baby’ visits.

Well-baby visits are scheduled regularly during the first two years of your child’s life due to the rapid growth and change that occurs during infancy. During each visit your physician monitors, advises, and answers questions on the baby’s growth and development.

The Prenatal program includes:

  •  Regular prenatal visits with your doctor
  •  Telephone contact with one of our family practice nurses to address your questions/concerns.
  • Access to our registered dietician as necessary for patients concerned about their nutritional health in pregnancy and while breast feeding.
  •  Assistance with breast feeding technique offered by our family practice nurses.
  •  Access to information on prenatal classes, parenting classes, car seat safety, etc.,

Prenatal Care Appointments:

If you have completed a home pregnancy test and have confirmation that you are pregnant, you can call us at 905 472 2200 to book an appointment with your physician. Your doctor will ask you for a urine sample and may suggest blood work be taken. You will then schedule your first prenatal visit at Health for All.

Visit this link to learn what you can expect at each appointment during your pregnancy.

Markham Stouffville Hospital is a wonderful facility to deliver your baby. You can register with the hospital when you are 20 weeks pregnant. This link will provide more information on the hospital and their childbirth centre.