Diabetes Program

The goal of the HFA Diabetes Program is provide a patient centered approach for those patients living with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in order to improve health & wellness.

The Diabetes Program is delivered and supported by our knowledgeable inter-professional team including your Family Physician, Family Practice Nurses, Receptionists, Pharmacist and a Dietitian who is a certified Diabetes Educator.

What you can expect at your Diabetes appointment:

  • Your weight and blood pressure will be taken and discussed
  •  We will review your blood sugars and discuss your blood glucose monitoring
  •  We will review and explain your recent diabetes blood work results, eg attainment of targets such as HbA1C, LDL cholestrol
  •  You will receive information about your diabetes, appropriate use of your medications, learn more about healthy nutrition, and exercise, and gain confidence in your ability to manage your own condition

Group education sessions and some self-management tools are also available in order to support healthy lifestyle changes for improved diabetes care, to understand the principles of healthy eating, to realize the importance of blood glucose monitoring, to attain targets for control and to manage medications in your diabetes care.

Ask your physician about our Diabetes Program – the next session is scheduled for October 26 & November 2.Click here to learn more!

In order to help you with self-management of your diabetes, we encourage you to access the following link:  Canadian Diabetes Association. The information on this website can also be found in brochure format in our office.  If there is a specific topic you are interested in learning more about, feel free to ask our Family Practice Nurses, Dietitian or Physician at your next visit

In addition to the many brochures you are welcome to utilize at Health for All FHT, you may also be interested in the following:
Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation
Nutrient Value of Some Common Foods
The Kidney Foundation
Government of Ontario – Stand up to Diabetes: Prevention
Canadian Hypertension Society