Markham Curriculum

A special feature of the Health for All Family Health Team’s Residency program is a longitudinal Global Health stream. Through this stream we hope that residents will learn to think globally, understand the social determinants of health, and be able to interact in a culturally diverse environment. There are several components to the Global Health Stream including:
  1. Global Health Certificate Course: The Global Health Education Institute at the University of Toronto offers this course which we encourage all residents to take
  2. Global Health Lunches: These lunchtime sessions cover the social determinants of health as well as other important Global Health topics
  3. Resident research project: We ask residents to try to choose a project that is relevant to Global Health
  4. Global Health Selectives: Residents can choose to do their selectives in areas such as HIV/AIDS, inner-city health, aboriginal healthcare, and refugee/immigrant health care
  5. Health Equity Elective: Currently a partnership is being developed between the University of Toronto and Ethiopia. Residents will have the opportunity to do an international elective in sites where there are established partnerships or where they are able to organize partnerships
  6. Academic Half Days: We ask all academic half-day presenters to try to incorporate a Global Health perspective into their lectures