COVID@Home Monitoring Program

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* Now Available to Health for All Patients *

Health for All’s COVID@Home Monitoring Program has been launched to help monitor our patients who are isolating at home. If your provider determines that you are eligible for the program, you will be offered assistance from a Registered Nurse who will check in with you by telephone and help to monitor your symptoms. You will also be offered a pulse oximeter to help monitor your oxygen levels at home as part of the program. 

For additional information about monitoring COVID-19 illness at home, please call Health for All at (905) 472-2200 and press option “2” to arrange an appointment with your healthcare provider. 

Pulse Oximeter Loan Program 

Health for All Family Health Team has a supply of pulse oximeters to assist patients with COVID-19 to self-monitor at home. These small devices monitor oxygen levels and can be a helpful tool for early detection of low oxygen levels. The pulse oximeter loan program is available at no cost for Health for All patients and the devices are disinfected by staff between loans. 

If you think that you might benefit from the COVID@Home program, please contact our clinic at (905) 472-2200 and press option “2” to make an appointment to speak with your provider. 

COVID-19 Guide

Click the button below for the COVID-19 Guide for Patients Being Monitored at Home. This easy-to-follow guide has lots of helpful information including: 

  • Symptom red flags that require a call to your healthcare provider or 911
  • General advice on monitoring your illness 
  • Self-isolation guidelines for adults and children 
  • Symptom timeline 
  • Timing for position changes in bed 
  • Information on how to use a pulse oximeter to measure your oxygen levels
  • Etc.