About Us

Health for All Family Health Team is an inter-professional primary care clinic. We provide a wide range of primary care services including acute, chronic and preventative health care. Our physicians and other health professionals have diverse interests such as palliative care, geriatrics, home visits, low risk obstetrics, and global health.

A Family Health Team is an approach to primary health care that brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for you – the patient.

Health for All is also the site of the Markham Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU). The FMTU is a partnership between Markham Stouffville Hospital and the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine, and Health for All.

What you need to know when you are being cared for by a Resident Physician at the Family Medicine Teaching Unit

A resident physician is a doctor who has received a medical degree and who practices medicine under the supervision of fully licensed physicians, usually in a hospital or clinic. Certification in family medicine following successful completion of post-graduate training is a requirement for a license to practice independently in Canada.

Health for All, Family Medicine Teaching Unit is just that and care will be provided in a teaching environment.

Resident physicians who are specializing in family medicine are assigned to the Markham FMTU for a period of two years. Some physicians may choose to stay in Markham once their training is complete. If however, they decide to leave the area, you may continue to be a patient of the FMTU and be transferred to a new resident.

Resident physicians will care for patients with a variety of chronic and acute illnesses. Resident physicians will see patients by appointment, three half days a week.


To provide excellent primary care for our patients and community in a dynamic, clinical, and educational environment that supports our belief in Health for All.


To create an excellent primary care home for our patients. Patient care of the highest quality will be provided by an inter-professional team. Patient care will be comprehensive, coordinated, continuous and collaborative.

Medical Education and Training:
To be innovators in medical education and training. We will be an excellent and highly regarded Family Medicine teaching site. We will interact with our students, residents, and practicing colleagues to build skills and knowledge in a setting where everyone teaches and everyone learns in meeting the health needs of our patients and community.

Health for All:
To demonstrate commitment to our mandate and mantra Health for All. We affirm health as a fundamental human right. We celebrate our community for its remarkable cultural diversity. We will provide excellent primary care in a spirit of global solidarity that recognizes and respects our common humanity and socio-cultural backgrounds in addressing all interconnected determinants of health.